A Political Party

Comedy In Concert

When Dan Ruskin stops playing the piano, he makes everybody happy because that's when he starts talking. And when he starts talking, he's very, very funny.

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Washington's politically correct and fraudulently funny after-dinner speaker, Dan Ruskin says that only sure thing about politics is laughter. Unless you really count the votes.

He says entertainers need Washington. It's where the jokes come from.

He's neither right nor left; more like top and bottom.

As a comedy writer, he's delivered for some of the best -- and some of the worst - in the business. He says he can't remember which was which.

He claims to have written Vice President Nixon's wackiest stuff.

In Woody Allen's Academy Award-winning Annie Hall, he played himself. He says he was miscast.

Jumping up and grabbing a keyboard, his comedian's eyes flash as he considers the Founding Fathers as a barbershop quartette singing a hymn for our times, "If I Only Had a Brain".

You don't have to be a political junkie to understand this guy. His madness on the comedy show, the daily feed, is applauded on urban stations as well as country, talk, classical, Washingpost.com and XM.

In a dark corner of his office, three plaques gather dust on the floor. A Young Presidents' Association Citation ("young means nobody over 50"); a public service Monty from Connecticut ("the full Monty", he assures us) and a faded blue ribbon from Ocheemagachee Summer Camp, 1949, for having the "driest bunk in the wigwam".

Review for - Comedy in Concert: A man. A plan. A piano.

"Bravo! He has this rare ability to combine political humor with specific local references."
- Karen Strong, Rochester Bar Association.

"...From the moment you switched the lights on, you had this rather reserved crowd in the palm of your hand. You had them aching with laughter."
- Shelley Singer, Singer Associates, New York City, NY.

"His entertainment made it the best meeting we ever had. He brought down the house. Perfect timing... he is one of a kind ...we've never found a gentler, cleaner performer."
- Jeanne Patterson, AT&T Oklahoma City, OK

"... a tremendous crowd-pleaser!"
- John Howard, Lehman Brothers, Boston, MA.

"I am still amazed at the careful preparation you so obviously made just for this audience-- you made me look to be a scheduling genius."
- Bill Adams, Matanzas Bay Club, St. Augustine, FL.