"Wow. Thanks for coming…"

I feel like the old guy who picks up his cellular phone and says "How did you know I was here?"

Dan Ruskin humorist pianist spokesmanLet me tell you a little story. When I started out as a performer, I used to tell the audience that I was self-unemployed. It got a big laugh but, somehow, nobody would hire me a second time. When I stopped saying that line, things immediately picked up. Sure, I missed getting that laugh, but entertainment is all about you, not me…and now my calendar shows it.

That was the teaser…here's the pitch, a little inside but over the plate.

The fact is, this site is an online source for event planners, venue managers, advertising agencies, casting directors, and music lovers.

If it's Entertainment, you're the Target.

That's it. Lecture circuit, concerts, stage, screen, on-camera; cartoon and straight voiceover.

Oh, yes. There's a bit more: The "Very Dry Piano – With A Twist" demo is now downloadable and a CD can be tailored to your needs. It's the pick of the piano from the Great American Songbook as heard in Washington's best hotels & restaurants. But here's the best part: Some tracks are open for your specific requests. I'll record them for you, label it for you and mail it out.

It might just be the perfect gift.

Actually, there's a lot more. There are comedy video and serious narration bites as well as some practical original tips for benefits that benefit you. (Are you sure this isn't a dot org?)

So, welcome to the cyberspace equivalent of "will recite for food"…

The web guys tell me they like DanRuskin.com for the way it clicks. Here's hoping something in it will click for you. Try it!